Falling in love with the art of storytelling and music each day

I fell in love with the art of storytelling in elementary school. I was amazed that an individual could impact an audience’s emotions through language. It was not until the fourth grade when my aunt jokingly mentioned that I should pursue a career that pays me to do what I love: talking.


This backhanded compliment yet genius idea stuck with me until my freshman year at The Pennsylvania State University. I was eager to serve as one of the main sources of news for thousands or even millions of people. Nonetheless, I began to explore a passion that was always seeking the attention I never thought it deserved. The amount of time I spent discovering new music and dissecting lyrics for their true meaning was abnormal. That is why I am pursuing a career in the news industry so that I can combine both my passions for journalism and music.


During my final semester at Penn State, I was a News Production Intern for E! News in Los Angeles, California. This experience confirmed that everything I had dreamt of becoming was in arms reach. I was able to thrive under pressure, adapt quickly to my new environment, and serve as an effective team player. As a result of these qualities, I've been promoted twice and moved to New York to help pilot E! News and Pop of the Morning, served as a Senior Producer for Digital & Social Media for TV One and CLEO TV, and now, a Producer for NowThis.

I am eager to continue my journey in the entertainment industry as I pursue new music, new opportunities, and most importantly new narratives that are waiting to be told.